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  • Please choose a quiet place for your activation and sit quietly.
  • Call in and invoke the presence of all the light masters, archangels and angels and those of the hierarchy of ascended beings to assist and support this activation.
  • Please relax and focus on your breath. Allow your breathing to slow down and gently settle into a gentle and rhythmic breathing.
  • Focus on your heart. Allow yourself to enter the silence within and become that silence. Take a few minutes to enjoy this silence.
  • Visualize a pillar of light connecting the heart of Gaia to the heart of Adonai, moving through your heart.
  • Open your heart and send a golden beam of light radiating from your heart to the central pillar, and from your heart upto God and from your heart to the heart of Gaia. Once you are connected through this golden diamond heart connection, you are creating unity consciousness.
  • Visualize a beautiful and radiant sphere of light all around you.
  • This is your light body.
  • The center of the sphere is aligned with your heart. Its energy extends all the way around your body and moves also all the way inwards to the core of your heart.
  • Fill this sphere of light with the most divine and unconditional love and light from God and Earth into your heart and see this sphere filling up with this love.
  • A most radiant Gaiadon Heart manifests in the center of this space, rotating and pulsating.
  • Now see the sphere of light transforming into a beautiful hologram of love with the petals forming a perfect flower of love sphere.
  • You know that this light body hologram of love is the blueprint of creation. It is your cellular pattern as well the pattern of the universe.
  • Tune into it, sense and feel its softness and its vitality.
  • Now as you focus upon it, immediately see this Hologram of Love transforming into an amazing Holomatrix of Love, with multiple holograms forming a composite structure representing unity in diversity.
  • As you re-member your Light body, you also immediately start to draw its infinite wisdom and love and power into your body.
  • Sense and feel the love and the light within your being.
  • As you activate your light body with the most profound unconditional love and divine light frequencies, you sense a total shift in your consciousness.
  • Now you begin the simple activation with a thought intention and one breath.
  • The breath is one long inhalation through your nose and one long exhalation  through your mouth. This special type of breath gives force to your thought intention, which manifests instantly.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon Heart Light Body (Inhale)
    Activate at Unconditional Love / Divine Light Frequeny (Exhale)
  • You bring in the divine vibration of the Aum into your light body.
  • Chant Aum continuously for the rest of the experience.
  • You instantly begin to feel your light body beginning to be activated. You may feel the energy in your cells and in your entire physical body. You also experience total unity consciousness as you resonate with all other beings and creation. Enjoy this experience.
  • Activate your light body as often as you wish.
  • Once you have re-membered and activated your light body, you can never lose your connection to it and to the Divine.
  • The Divine is everywhere, within, and everywhere around you.
  • Be Divine. Enjoy your journey.

Come, let us enjoy this transformative journey into our highest soul aspects and let us Re-member the true Light that we are!

I am sure that you will enjoy this amazing sharing from Spirit, as we join our Light forces together on our onward ascension journey, as we prepare to co-create a planet free from limitation, into a planet of freedom, and love and peace and unity. This is the time, that we re-commit ourselves to our divine contract, and to serve Gaia and humanity in the best possible way. Let us walk together, Dearest Ones of Light, on this spectacular journey, as we share the joy in the Re-turn of the Light upon this graceful planet of ours.

Infinite Love and Light,