Light Continuum Activations

As you gather once again to absorb the gifts of The Gaiadon Heart, you also offer your gifts to Beloved Gaia and awaken the Great Heart of Spirit. You shall roam freely upon the face of Gaia-Shasta, and your very love shall activate the sacred light pathways that spin off from this Portal of Ascension.

Yes, it is Now Time, It is Now-Here that you arrive to take a turn right, into the Heart of Creation.

It is indeed a shift point as no other.

It is a shift point for the whole planet. It is a shift point for the whole human race.

As you prepare to go into the inner caverns, and receive the final initiations, you are drawn into a stillness and peace that consumes you, until you be-come that stillness and that peace.

And as Gaia embraces you and draws you into the Inner Heart of Goddess-God, you are ready for all to be revealed.

Witness the Shift of this Earthly Paradigm into the New Paradigm of Love. Know you that you are actively participating in this Shift of all shifts.

Sense the Dimensional Shift within every cell of your being. Your personal transfiguration into light is the pivotal point of the entire Earth transfiguration.

The Light Continuum brings many sacred geometrical patterns and light frequencies that are of the purest divine liquid light and you are encoded with many higher light vibrations that lift you into a new shift point in your onward ascension journey.

You are carried through into a portal that opens up to your elevated frequencies.

This is the gateway to the inner Earth that the light ones walked through and you walk through the same gateway to complete your tryst with destiny.

Pathways open up to new portals and portals open up to new pathways. The light continuum continues…