Eternal Core Heart of Gaia-Light Activations

It’s only a Dream…
Let’s wake up together…

The Gaiadon Eternal Core Heart Star of Love is a magnificent hologram that you shall draw from the very core of existence, through the heart of Gaia, through the heart of Source, through the centre of your heart to pulse the codes of creation light in silent Gaia-Love out to all of creation, so you may create a force field of light and love that is strong, silent and radiant.

It is this awesome whologram of love light body that you shall create and it is this hologram that you shall return with. It is this Eternal Core Heart Star that shall change your life. It is this Eternal Core Heart Star that shall simplify your encodements into one core crystal essence and it is this Eternal Core Heart Star that shall light up the starways into New Gaia…

It contains all the geometries of creation. It is a gentle, soft pulsing white gold. The wholomatrix no longer needs to be what it was, unless Spirit directs it to be so.

Simplicity is your signature of light.

Your white gold light lights up the multiverses.

You are the Eternal Core Heart of Creation.

As you continue spinning through the star pathways, you receive the seeds of new intelligence that are both the culmination of your human experiences and the new initiation of the Gaia children of Gaia-Dawn. Fresh, new, sparkling, innocent, pure and divine.

You continue to grow in wonder and joy as your new journey begins.

Eternal Love and Light