Divine Incarnate Activations of The Gaia-Dawn Core Heart

The New frequencies that shall be anchored upon Gaia are higher dimensional frequencies of Divine Light and hold very rarified and subtle energies that once encoded in your light body shall change the very fabric of your cellular membranes and also shall elevate you to the most profound states of Divinity.

Now it is time to step into the new phase of our journey. It is exciting as we are to move beyond our consciousness frontiers that we have not ever crossed before.

We have experienced the greatest of Light manifested on Earth and also from the Higher dimensions.

In going beyond Light, we reach that which created Light, and then we go beyond that to the what has created Light. We move still further to the No-thing that created All.

To embrace all aspects of ourselves and to honour every aspect of creation as Divine is the first and last sign of Divinity.

Being Divine means just being Human. Just being true to the Core Force of Love and Freedom and Truth.

What we gain as rich treasures:

  1. “The Divine Incarnate” Gaia Dawn Whole light body of Love
  2. The Light Covenant
  3. Aquarius
  4. Vajra
  5. The Heart of Creation
  6. Bionic Heart Healing
  7. The Divine Incarnate

And so much more….

We can be whoever we want to be, as long as we know we are Divine, the Divine Incarnate and as long as we live up to the very concept of being Divine.

I welcome you as we return together into this true state of One-ness.