Introduction to The Gaiadawn Heart

Saranya has been a spiritual teacher for many years. From her childhood, or probably from many life-times past, she has been fascinated with the meta-physical. She was greatly inspired by her grandfather who was a theosophist and a philosopher. She remembers spending nights looking up at the stars, and wondering why that seemed like ‘home’. She yearned to understand the mysteries of creation and her quest led her to many great spiritual teachers.

New frontiers crossed, new mountains climbed, new goals set and achieved. Today she is totally committed to spreading this work and to awakening the consciousness of those who are ready to embrace the spiritual path, her life has a new purpose, a new direction, and a new goal. Saranya has touched the lives of many aspirants through her teachings in her own quiet, but special way. She has had a very unforgettable experience with living on light for a year, and she has proved that humans can sustain themselves on the cosmic prana that is within and without, without any external form of nourishment but she believes that this is something that can and should happen naturally and at the right time, when this will become a way of life.

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Modules Offered

The Gaiadon Heart Module 1A

The Gaiadon Heart Module 1B

The Gaiadon Heart Module II

The Gaiadon Heart Module III

Prajna Light Activations

Source Light Activations

Divine Alchemy Activations

Divine Incarnate Activations