The Gaiadon Heart Introduction

Channeled and Originated by Saranya Zaveri

The Journey Home:

For many a seeking soul, the inner quest is to find one’s way back through the dense woods of the physical world, into the freedom of be-coming one with All.

As we enter the new Golden Age, or Satyug, the Age of Truth, the awakening souls of the human race shall herald the birthing of a new consciousness where all beings shall enjoy freedom, peace, joy, love and harmony.

The Light Body:

The Light Body is the Divine Body of Light that created our physical body. What we call Light Body Activation is simply to activate the Light within the physical body cells, raising them to their ultimate light. The process of activating the Physical Body to Light is called Light Body Activation. The Light Body in its perfect state is a beautiful Hologram of Love.

The benefits of activating one’s Light Body would include healing, rejuvenation, experiencing unconditional love, abundance, harmony, and peace.

Activating the Light Body is the way to realize our Divine Consciousness. Activating the Light Body leads us to the understanding that the perfection we seek outside of us is already within us.

Our Holographic Light Body:

The Spherical Flower of Life Hologram is a perfect representation of our potential to be complete and whole and perfect at the cellular level.